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The Japan-United States Committee for Promoting Economic and Social Development in East-Central Europe
Meeting I:  Margaret Island, Budapest, Hungary
October 26-27, 1992

Organized by:
Center for International Security and Strategic Studies, Mississippi State University

Sponsored by:
Center for Global Partnership of the Japan Foundation,
Ford Foundation, and
United States-Japan Foundation



  • Chair:  Ambassador Nobuo Matsunaga, President and Director, Japan Institute of International Affairs
  • Dr. Yutaka Akino, Associate Professor, Institute of Social Sciences, Tsukube University
  • Mr. Hideaki Domichi, Economic Counselor, Embassy of Japan
  • Mr. Nagaharu Hayabusa, Senior Writer and Economist, The Asahi Shimbun
  • Mr. Azusa Hayashi, Director, Political Division, Corporate Bureau , Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Eiji Hayashi, General Manager, Engineering Coordination Division, NEC Corporation
  • Mr. Ted Iino, Chief Analyst, Information and Policy Analysis Division, C. Itoh and Company, Ltd.
  • Mr. Michio Ishidate, Deputy Executive General Manager, Plant and Project Division, Tomen Corporation
  • Mr. Toshio Izumi, General Manager, Credit and Business Administration Division, Japan International Development Organization Ltd. (JAIDO)
  • Mr. Tatsuo Kaneda, Professor of Agriculture, Suzuka College
  • Mr. Motohiro Kondo, Deitorial Advisor, Gaiko Forum, Toshi Shuppan Publishers
  • Mr. Keinosuke Muraoka, General Manager, Mitsubishi Corporation, Budapest Office
  • Mr. Masahiko Ogura, Chief Representative, The Export-Import Bank of Japan, Frankfurt Office
  • Mr. Motuatsu Sakurai, Vice President and General Manager, Mitsubishi International Corporation, Washington Representative Office
  • Professor Tsuneaki Sato, Professor of Economics, Nihon University
  • Mr. Reiichi Shimamoto, Research Director General, The Japan Research Institute, Limited
  • Dr. Masaru Yoshitomi, Director General, Coordinating Bureau, Economic Planning Agency, Government of Japan


  • Chair:  Ambassador Philip M. Kaiser, Writer and Former Ambassador of the united States to Hungary
  • Drs. Loek T. van den Boog, Senior Vice President, Northern and Central Europe Operations, Oracle Corporation Europe
  • Dr. Wayne A. Boutwell, President of National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Executive Director of Agricultural Cooperative Development International (ACDI)
  • Dr. Nicholas Burakow, Senior Vice President, ICF International, Inc.
  • Dr. S.I. (Bud) Camacho, Chief Scientist of First Mississippi Corporation, Vice President of Research and Development of Plasma Energy Corporation
  • Mr. Dennis T. Collins, Export Manager, Bronco Wine Company
  • Mr. Brook Horowitz, Manager of Business Development, General Electric Lighting-Eastern Europe
  • Mr. Hugh J. Hamilton, Counselor, Office of the Deputy Secretary of State, United States Department of State
  • Dr. Myron Johnsrud, Administrator, Extension Service, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Dr. Michael Marrese, Senior Economist, Central Division European II Department, International Monetary Fund, on leave from Northwestern University
  • Mr. David Cowles, Representative, Agency for International Development, Europe and Near East (ENE/AA), Budapest Office, AmEmb/Hungary, Department of State
  • Dr. Tomasz Mroczkowski, Professor, International Business Department, The American University
  • Mr. R.W. (Bob) Nilsson, Managing Director, Turner Steiner International S.A.
  • Mr. Wylie L. Williams, Jr., Secretary General, International Public Works Federation


Czech Republic

  • Co-Chair:  Ambassador Rita Klímová, Economist and Former Ambassador of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic
  • Dr. Bedrich Moldán, Advisor to the Minister of the Environment
  • Ambassador Arpád Szabó, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Republic of Hungary

  • Co-Chair:  Professor Béla Kádár, Minister, Ministry of International Economic Relations
  • Dr. Lajos Csepi, Head, State Property Agency
  • Dr. Géza Gordos, Vice Rector, Professor of Telecommunications, Technical University of Budapest
  • Mr. Sándor K. Keresztes, Minister, Environment and Regional Policy
  • Professor István Láng, Secretary General, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Professor Pál Michelberger, Rector, Technical University of Budapest
  • Dr. László Sárossy, Member of Parliament/State Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Mr. Gábor Széles, President, National Association of Hungarian Industrialists

Republic of Poland

  • Co-Chair:  Professor Witold Trzeciakowski, Professor of Economics, Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Science
  • Dr. Andrzej Arendarski, Minister, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations
  • Mr. Liotr Dabrowski, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Economy
  • Mr. Jerzy Strzelecki, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Privatization

Slovak Republic

  • Co-Chair:  Professor Milan Bucek, Deputy Chairman, Commission of the Slovak Government for Economic Strategy
  • Mr. Vladimir Halama, Advisor to the Minister, Administration and Privatization of National Property
  • Dr. Mária Kadlecíková, Chair of Management of Agricultural University Nitra, Advisor of the Minister of Agriculture
  • Dr. Ladislav Miklós, Former Deputy Minister of Slovak Commission for Environment, Professor of Institute of Landscape, Ecology of Slovak Academy of Sciences


  • Dr. Billy C. Ward, Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Professor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Dr. János Radványi, Director, Center for International Security and Strategic Studies
  • Dr. Armando do la Cruz, Professor, Biological Sciences


  • Mr. Paul Balaran, Program Officer, International Affairs, Ford Foundation
  • Ambassador Stephen Bosworth, President, United States-Japan Foundation
  • Mr. Takashi Ishida, Assistant Director, Center for Global Partnership of the Japan Foundation


  • Ms. Audrey Craner, International Policy Specialist, Japan Technology Program, Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.
  • Dr. Vladimir Khmelnik, Director, PTC-Russia, Republic of Russia
  • Dr. Nikolai Svidunovich, Chairman, Plasma Activities Belorus Academy of Science, Republic of Russia
  • Dr. Semen S. Volshuk, Minister, Remediation of Consequences of Chernobyl, Republic of Russia
  • Dr. Phillip Vursel, President, PTC-Russia, Republic of Russia




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